I'm a twenty-something dog mom who rents a living space & works a 9-5 ~ probably a lot like you. The inevitable question of the "what do I want to wear today?" depends on my mood, what the day brings, and what foods I plan to eat that day (can i get an amen from the other gluten sensitive chicks?? No crop tops for me on pizza day).

I've always thought, if styles are personalities, then I've got hundreds of them. Due to my ever-changing style, I have had to source my jewelry, shoes, clothing & accessories from unique places. I learned how to search from a childhood filled with cruising garage sales with my mom, my preteen years thrifting with my older (cooler) sister, and now my adult years doing both to find the special pieces my eclectic style yearns for. Now, I am bringing you those items to love.

So, if you're anything like me ~ with an eclectic style and a love for vintage things that have years of adoration within their seams ~ hopefully you love this site as much as I do ~ thank you for shopping with me. xo